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Toronto reliable over 27 years experience, licensed technicians company on service-installation of Residential and Commercial Heating &Cooling equipment.. We install and repair gas pipes, medium and high efficiency furnace/boiler, DWH, A/C, heat pump,fan coil, all HVAC/R work for all brands.

Services:  Toronto&GTA

We do:  HVAC/R service-installation-maintenance                         to Commercial and Residential HVAC  

For: Furnace, Boiler, WaterHeater(standard/tankless)          Radiator, Ductwork, Gas Piping install/insulation     Air Conditioner (central/ductless), Fan coil, Heat Pump         Heat loss/gain calculation&Duct Design                                   Mold remediation             

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  Started in 1986 doing Design for Gas and Heating equipment than Service and Installation. In 1992  added Air Conditioning . By 2007 mold remediation. All these years profesionalism and dedication remain strong. HRAI member by 2002. Since 2011 Brookfield's Residential contractor.


"The Board of Directors would like to express their appreciations for the difficult job your employees did. They were very professional  and knowledgeable. The project was completed on time and within the estimate you provided. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for other work" -- York Condominium Corporation  323, Property Manager, 50 Quebec Ave,Toronto

"Fan coil refurbishment We are going now full throttle. Catherine Heating, our contractor, promised us two units per day, got it up to three, and may even be able to put another team and do four. People are reporting good results with their air quality. The schedule we developed with the contractor will minimize discomfort arising from too much heat or not enough, and the increased pace of the project will help greatly in ensuring this.-- Y.C.C.425, President's Message, Summer 2010, 100 Quebec Ave,Toronto

"We would like to thank the Corporation and the Contractor, Catherine Heating Cooling company for the great job has been done in our unit. These people work really hard and diligently. It is good that the Corporation hired this company to do the project of the fan coil unit refurbishment.." -- E..Stoianova, Unit 306, 100 Quebec Ave., Toronto

" In the office today, I told you of the great job the stuff of Catherine HVAC did while in our suite several weeks ago. They were very considerate, polite, and went out of their way to be helpful in the clean up when finished. The people concerned were Jason, Antonio, and of course Mike, the boss." --H.Toews, Unit 304, 80 Quebec Ave., Toronto

" This is a letter of commendation for the two members of your team that serviced the fan coils in my unit on the morning of           Feb 15/11 and the afternoon of Feb 24/11. The young men were cheerful, polite and respectful. They were highly organized, worked quikly, and with care. They are great ambassadors for your company!.-V.N. Wright Unit 1606, 100 Quebec Ave., Toronto